Saturday, 23 August 2014

Custom Code for Constant Contact E-blast

You can create emails in Constant Contact using your own custom code in the Advanced Editor.

 To create a custom email with your own code:
  •     After logging into Constant Contact, click Email > Create.
  •     Click the Want to use your own code? button located on the lower left-hand side of the page.
  •     use own code
  •     In the Email Name field, type in a name for your email.
  •     Select either the HTML.
  •     Click Next.
  •     Click the "Advanced Editor" link to add your code.
  •     Click "HTML" to write your code.
  •     When you are done, click Save & Return.

Introducing the new Google Tour Layout...

Introducing the new Google Tour's Layout, an easier navigation system to go through the business tour. This layout add more functionality with the ability to visit the areas of interest with only one click. Also the ability to book a room in a hotel, or make a reservation at a restaurant from the tour. Different videos were added through the whole tour, so, pay attention to the multimedia icons. Two menus were added, one to the left, and one to the right. The one at the left was designed to visit the different areas of the business, and the one to the right to obtain more information, such as: contact information, website, facebook, trip advisor, etc. 

Let us know what you think...

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Towne Centre Mall - Downtown Kelowna

From footwear to fashion, Kelowna's Towne Centre Mall boasts a wide selection of shopping experiences for everyone's taste. As the only shopping mall in the downtown core, Towne Centre Mall provides shoppers with the perfect opportunity for you to save money with the comfort and security of one-stop-shopping.

The mall is accessible from both Bernard Avenue and Lawrence Avenue, with free customer parking on the Lawrence Avenue side.

You can find the following stores as part of Towne Centre Mall:

Alexander Cutlery & Gifts | Amy's Gifts & Souvenirs
Annegret's Chocolates | Codispotis Jewelry
Footwear Emporium | Heaven on Earth Spa
Kelowna Website Design | La Belle Boutique
MacDermott's On Bernard | Mavazi Apparel
Molly's Garden Cafe | Shapers Hair & Body Spa
Sweetnam's Nik Naks | Ten Fashions Bridal Boutique

CLICK HERE for directions.
565 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna, BC

Visit their website for more details.

Do you want to take a walk through Towne Centre Mall? Move the mouse over the image below, and select the store that you want to visit from the menu located at the top left corner. Drag and pan around using the left click of your mouse. Click on the chevrons over the floor to change the position.

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Google Business Photos
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Google Virtual Tours: If you are looking for a 'PRO' look, you need a 'PRO' service. Introducing the new Google Tour layout.

Virtual BC Tours is featuring something new this month...
Introducing the new Google Tour layout:

It has never been easier to navigate and interact with your business before.
- Advanced Navigation system to display the best areas of your establishment with a single click.
- Hotspots to display more information about your business.
- Combine videos with the virtual tour to enhance your customers' experience.
- Online booking system for hotels, and restaurants.
- What about a virtual shopping experience? Add your e-store to the virtual tour!

What's included?
  1. A High Definition Google Tour of your business compatible with all devices.
  2. Setup / Creation / Customization of your Google+ Local Page. A banner representing your business will be placed on top of your Google+ business page.
  3. A complete article in in our blog containing all your services, relevant information about your business, links to your website and Google tour, etc.
  4. 50 High Definition (HD) Royalty Free Pictures (Stills) that you can use any place you want. 10 of the pictures are going to be published in our Pinterest channel with a link to your website, and Social Media channels. The same images will be part of Google's images database, and we will also share them on Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr.
  5. We will spread the word about your company / services / products through our Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  6. Creation of a YouTube video promoting your company / services / products with a link to your website and Social Media channels.
  7. QR Code linking to your Virtual Tour, phone number or website address.

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